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We work hard to choose the best ingredients, make sure they are responsible to use for the environment and human health, and communicate about them openly. Learn more about our ingredients.
Easy to install, Duck® Fresh Discs use a gel based formula that prevents limescale and stains—and therefore germs—and freshens with every flush. Find out how to install Fresh Discs.
I get this question all the time. The obvious answers immediately come to mind: Being waterproof is amazing. Flying is extraordinary. Getting free bread all the time is awesome (even though alot of us have jumped on the band wagon gluten-free craze). And I do not mean to speak for all ducks here, but we have very recently discovered pistachios, and, wowza, they are just incredible.
As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. We want to hear your thoughts, good or not-so-good.

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Great Question! They do They do, indeed We are excellent listeners. We even listen to swans—who are notoriously dull storytellers. We can nap just about anywhere. Saltwater, freshwater, Mike’s backyard puddle—any will do. And we are great at cleaning. Have you seen any of my products? We are not beyond shameless plugs, either.
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I fear answering this question will immediately make its way to the hunting blogs. So I would have to go with Antarctica.
Duck® products are available in Supermarkets, Pharmacies, and Retail stores across South Africa. Many Duck® products are available from your favourite online retailer. Browse our products
It has been a while since I have ‘dated,’ per say. And things were different back in my day. The dating apps are all the rage now. Am I sounding old right now? Let us get back to the question. A good first date? I do not mean to bore you with platitudes, but a nice long walk on the beach is sure to get everyone touching feathers.
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