Duck® Active Clean

Looking to keep clean with every flush? Active Clean can help do that. And freshen? Yep, Active Clean. And fight limescale? You guessed it: Active Clean.

Hygiene in the home is an essential part of everyday life, particularly when it comes to the toilet. And if your little ones are as messy as my little ducklings, you certainly know what I am talking about. Duck® Active Clean keeps your toilet fresh and clean, while preventing the buildup of limescale. And yes, oh yes—sorry, I feel like I am getting overly excited—but of course it leaves behind a nice scent.
Directions for use:
  1. Remove top from toilet tank.
  2. Remove block from the pack. Do not remove the pleated wrapper as this will dissolve in the water.
  3. Drop the block into your cistern at the opposite end to the water inlet (handle). Avoid skin contact.
  4. Allow 5 min for the block to settle before the first flush. Simply add a new Duck Active Clean when the blue colour fades and the block has dissolved.

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